When I Went To The Cavs Game

When I went to the caves game. We went down town for the caves game but it was really fun but it took for ever to get there on our way there we got stopt by the the cops I went with my friend.So we got lucky  we did not get a ticket so when we got in we went up the evader to our seats gave the guy the ticket we were 2 last on top.then before the game started we went to spray our hair me and my friend sprayed it the caves color red and yellow.So when the game started we were wining but during the game they caught up an then we went to a restaurant and me and my friend got chicken fingers and fries then we ate and went home that was my fun day at the caves game I hope we win next time.

When I Went To The Ieckcenter.

When I first walkt in it looked fun. So the sacertey gard had to check my sister and my dad they took his phone and my sisters phone so they gave it back to them then when we walked in there was a big aera.The lights were flashing we took some pictures so the first ride was boring so I said we should go on a scary ride but the next one was not scary but really cool.It was a faires whele it was the bigest ride but not fast my dad was afird of  hights and it stopd at the highest place it looked so cool when I looked down my dads face was looked funny me and my sister laughed so the next ride we had to get a mat then walk up there only I went.when I got up there we set the mat and slid down I came in last place but as long I had fun I did not care then we started to go on the big rides one it put you in a cage and it goes in the sky and flips and goes kind of slow but goes really high and flips I got scared but I made my sister go on it there times the last time her hair got stuck.then we went on a ride and it would go super high and stop when you are up side down so the blood went up to my face and it got red then the ride went down it was really scary!the next ride I did not want to go on ever agin they put you in a seat and a cage and it goes high and does not stop fliping I was about to fall out and tumble in the cage. along time ago my dad cract his neck on it then a show came so a guy was doing a magick show and he was thowing lemens and I cought one and he put a hellment on that had spikes and who ever got one would throw it and he would cach it and split it in half. Then he started jugeling with hamers and he calld me to come up and learn how to jugel but I did not get it at all. so after I went on a ride that you go under a line and spins then I went in something and nothing saves you but it spins to fast you cant move.A mussel then we went to this car thing that puts you in the air and spins I leand on my sister a lot to the right then only me and my sister went on this ride that brings you up slowly and down really fast and I went on all the rides that’s all I got.

When I Went To Lazer Tag

For my frends birthday his name is Ethan.I was citting at the room eating pizza then when they anonct time for lazer tag we all lind up to go in before we go in we have to look at a vido with all the rules in it so we went in and started shooting and then it was all over.

Our Poetry Jam

During school we have been doing poems and all kinds of them we made our own poetry book with all our poems. We glued them in a book. We have been practicing a lot at school then we had to bring them home and practice a lot and we’ve been practicing in front of people so we are now going present them in front of everyone especially adults will be there too. We are going to have a lot of snacks. My group also did a poetry project. We finished it but we got a big paper to do it on and we cut half of it and used it for the entrance for the door my job was to color the stripes on it and to color the handle black to it was so fun and it took us so long we only had 2days to finish it and we are looking forward to read fluently and to speak up for the audience so they could hear us and to stand still and these are things that we should not do while standing up there not to move a lot and not to put the paper in front of your face while your reading and don’t speak low or they wont like that much and you should use eye contact so they know you’ve been practicing a lot and we’ve been talking all about what to do and what not to do and we made a lot of poems. I will try to name as much as I can we did a bio poem and a seneses poem and a haiku poem and a diamante poem and a rap poem and acrostic poem and we had to memorize a famous author poem it took me 1 day and for our bio poem you had to put like your first name, four adjectives that describe me and lover of and feel who gives and who fears and I would like to see and your last name. For a senses poem you had to put a noun and a color and it sounds like it, looks like it, taste like, it smells like it, feels like, and last but not least it makes me feel. Now my haiku poem that we did so you put something that has 5 syllables on the first line and 7 on the next one and 5 for the last one now for a diamante poem for the first line you put a noun then 2 adjective then 3 verbs then you put 4 nouns then 3 verbs then 2 adjectives and one noun. For a rap poems you have to brag about what your are good at and put 5 rhyming words. For are acrostic poem decide what to write about. Write your word down vertically. Brain storm words or phrases that describe your idea. Place your brainstorm words or phrases on the lines that begins with the same letters fill in the lines to create a poem. Now your famous author poem now for this one you have to find a famous poem then copy it on final copy paper now I will say my famous poem ok I never have nightmares Im happy to say the zooches on my bed scares them away that’s all I got!!!!

Hocky Game

So there was a hocky game going on and people where throwing teddy bears on the cort. A a hocky player loved it and this happend in 1999 and they therw 213000 toys thats alot but he thouht they would throw acupol but it ended up so much that is surpising to me they where screaming and that looked like the best hocky game and he put jumpd in the pile and put up two peice signs they kept trying to clean it up and the coach tryed gettimg there atenshin. but they just had a good time at that hocky game.

punta cana

When I went to punta cana I went on these big courses my favorite is the zip line.Then I went high in the air on these little bars they were hard and on my photo peach that was Punta cana that’s it.